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After 34 years Titan felt the need to develop their most powerful model.  Provides endless hot water for your entire home and saves so much space. Never run out of hot water again. This unit will replace your old-fashioned tank model water heater with no loss of comfort and mounts on the wall requiring NO venting. This is the MOST POWERFUL model Titan Tankless manufactures and it requires two 60 AMP double pole breakers.
The N-270 model is recommended for all applications across the country and into Canada. In addition it is excellent for homes where the hot water demand is greater, such as those with multiple shower heads, shower panels, body sprayers and large Jacuzzi tubs. It will provide endless hot water in climates with cold water (55 F) for up to 2 baths and in warmer climates even more.

As many homes today are upgrading the bathrooms with new things like body sprayers and multiple shower-heads new technology was needed and the need for bigger capacity tankless water heater development. Another reason for these more powerful Titan models is the cold temperatures in northern states where a higher rise in temperature is needed to heat the water instantly. The Titan N-270 is our most powerful model and it will provide ENDLESS HOT WATER and will save up to 60% on your hot water electric bill. This unit will pay for itself over time.


Pipe Fitting
Energy Efficiency
11.5" W x 10.5" H x 3 D
14 Pounds
Brass Casing
3/4" Standard Pipe
5 PSI-Min./150 PSI-Max
240 VAC Std.(208/277 Avail.)
Dual Incoloy/Nichrome
Up to 99.5%
0.4 GPM-on/).3 GPM-off
LCD Digital Display
10 years on casing 1 year on components
Digital Temperature Control - Manual Reset-able Thermostat


Breakers & Wire

Max kW @ 220V/240V

Available Voltage

Max AMP @
220V / 240V

2 x 60 amp, each with #6 AWG Wire
(2-1 type, 2 hots + ground)

27 kw



TEMPERATURE RISE CHART (F) - This is added to your present incoming water temperature

Flow Rate

1.0 GPM

1.5 GPM

2.0 GPM

2.5 GPM

3.0 GPM

3.5 GPM

4.0 GPM

Temp Rise









Titan Tankless N-270 Model

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